The Force Awakens is a Remake, not a Sequel

I realize I’m inviting all manner of attacks with this post, but I have to get it out of my system. I enjoyed the film. Seriously. I enjoyed it in the same way I enjoy a fireworks display. Oooh…aaahh. As one guy on twitter said, it had its bleep-blops and its pew-pews, what more do you want?

Some have said they enjoyed the “connections” with the first trilogy. But my biggest problem was that there weren’t just connections, there was clear plot recycling. Does the story have anything new of substance? Consider (I’ll add to this list as I think of more):

  • Rey = Luke (protagonist who doesn’t know who he/she is)
  • Kylo Ren = Darth Vader (former prodigy now turned to the dark side; wears a mask; some are convinced he can be “turned” back to the good side)
  • Snoke = Sidious (mysterious ruler who only appears as a hologram)
  • BB8 = R2D2 (hide plans in the droid that need to get to the good guys)
  • Luke = Yoda (need to track down the Jedi master, who is in hiding, for training)
  • First Order = Galactic Empire
  • Starkiller Base = Death Star (this is now recycled twice; as Han said, “So, it’s bigger.”)
  • Oscillator = Exhaust port
  • Han & Chewie provide comic relief = Han & Chewie provide comic relief
  • C3PO is annoying = C3PO is annoying

Seriously, how many times can the make the same movie?

A few other pet-peeves:

The first “reveal” of Kylo Ren is utterly anti-climactic. If they had waited until the last scene with Han and we see THEN that he is your average, everyday bloke, THEN it would have carried some weight.

Kylo can stop light with the force, use the force to coerce information from someone’s mind, yet he almost gets beat in a lightsaber battle with a STORMTROOPER—one who picks up a lightsaber for the first time! He also gets bested by a kid who learns she can use the force 5 minutes ago. Is he a master of the Force or not. Consistency please.

May the force be with you; again and again.

One comment on “The Force Awakens is a Remake, not a Sequel

  1. Strongly agree, the film is nothing more than a remake, its a hollow movie with the skin of star wars. I would much rather they spent their millions creating new worlds to admire. but nothing beats a cheap buck.

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