Students Are a Lot Like Dogs

Now that school is over I spend much more time with my dogs than with my students. It occurred to me that students and dogs share a few characteristics:

  1. They want constant affirmation.
  2. Their favorite thing in the world is “to go outside.”
  3. They always want to be let out to go to the bathroom, but when they go all they do is wander around.
  4. They can be made happy simply by giving them a treat.
  5. They always look at you confusedly even though you’ve told them the same thing hundreds of times.
  6. When they are left alone they are either (a) getting into trouble or (b) sleeping.
  7. They are completely distracted by something as simple as a squirrel.
  8. They get really excited when someone new enters the room.
  9. They don’t clean up after themselves when they make a mess.
  10. Once they start making noise, it’s nearly impossible to get them to stop.

Of course, there is one BIG difference:

My dogs get really excited when I walk into the room.