4 comments on “Happy Birthday to Thomas Merton!

  1. I agree. But if the “end” is considered post death, then how is the average person supposed to devote themselves to the present — when their life is essentially a plan B?

    • trentonleach says:

      You may be misunderstand the use of “end” here. “End” is not our post-death state, but rather “end” as in “purpose” or “goal.” So if my “end” is pleasure, then all my actions will be aimed at attaining pleasure.

      • I understand what he means by it.

        My concern is for the people who interpret the “purpose” or “goal” to be the attainment of eternal life … and that all of their actions will aimed at attaining a goal that exists after death.

  2. trentonleach says:

    I see, so your concern is that people view the “end” of life as just “going to heaven when you die”? And so it devalues the present life, is that it?

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