Luther on Education

Education should equip us with the power to think effectively and objectively. To think is one of the hardest things in the world, and to think objectively is still harder. Yet this is the job of education. Education should cause us to rise beyond the horizon of legions of half-truth, prejudices and propaganda. Education should enable us to ‘weigh and consider,’ to discern the true from the false, the relevant from the irrelevant, and the real from the unreal. The first function of education, therefore, is to teach man to think intensively. But this is not the whole of education. … We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education. The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate.

~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “The Purpose of Education”


2 comments on “Luther on Education

  1. getitrite says:

    Good quote, but as a Lutheran, after seeing the title I was thinking, “Ah, a Martin Luther quote!”

    • trentonleach says:

      Sorry if I pulled a “bait and switch” on you! Martin Luther (the Reformer) certainly has a lot to say on education, as I have time I’ll try and dig one up. This was posted in honor of MLK day.

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