Steve Elliot has an excellent post on the question “Is it practical?” I hate that question so much…


I have become almost deaf to the question of practicality given in the title.  The asking of it is usually a confusion.  The confusion is often over one of two things.  Either the interlocutor has falsely bifurcated the philosophical and the practical, which is normally an issue of not liking philosophy, or not “getting it” so therefore I will make it a the “bad guy” and practicality the “good guy.”  Or the one asking the question of practicality is confusing the term with utility.  In this case what they mean is “can I turn it into cash.”  Many of my followers who choose to comment on my blogs have started up a “practicality” campaign on my recent posts regarding Berry’s metaphors of the Road and the Wheel as pictures of life.


All thinking eventually becomes doing, or my Bible is woefully wrong when it asserts that all the issues of…

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