Ralph Nader Isn’t Happy with President Obama

It seems Ralph Nader isn’t happy with the President.  See here.

Now, I disagree with Nader on a wide range of issues, but his comment that Obama is worse than Bush on foreign policy and civil liberties is dead on.

But let’s not just throw Obama under the bus, Congress is just as bad, as is evidenced by their recent extension of FISA, see here.  Says Rand Paul,

“Thanks to President Obama and the overwhelming majority in both parties, the government can wiretap your phone, snoop through your email, monitor your Facebook, intercept your text messages and spy on you any way they please. No warrant. No judicial restraint. No Bill of Rights. No Constitution.”

The fact that no one seems to care reveals the extent of apathy in this country towards basic liberties.  We do not deserve the freedoms we have if we do nothing to preserve them.

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