A Recommendation and New Series

My recent longings for leisure time for reflection, thought and prayer have been further awakened by a blog post from a cousin of mine, a wonderful writer who’s currently living in Rwanda. Check out her blog: A Window in Rwanda and give this post in particular a read before continuing on.

Jennica notes:

I think that right now my longing for my eternal home, for Revelation 21 and John 14:2 and all that, is heightened by my longing for my earthly home.

These kinds of reflections have also occurred to other thinkers and form an argument type that we might call “Pointers to Transcendence”. What this means is that there are features of reality, or more importantly our experience of reality, that cry out for something beyond our space-time universe. Even people in deep skepticism or relativism, still assume something in experience beyond their skepticism/relativism that must be accounted—something beyond naturalism.

Rather than trying to sum up all these arguments here, I’ve decided to separate these into a series of posts. Each post will cover a different “Pointer to Transcendence”:

Peter Berger, A Rumor of Angels, the Argument from Order
Peter Berger, A Rumor of Angels, the Argument from Damnation
C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy, the Argument from Joy
G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, the Argument from Gratitude
N.T. Wright, Simply Christian, the Argument from Spirituality
The Argument from Home

The last of these, the Argument from Home, I have no one to cite. I’m certain it’s not original to me. I see a similar argument in Jennica’s post and its one that I’ve made for some time. I think it first occurred to me while teaching Apologetics in 2007 as I was putting together a lecture on these arguments to transcendence.

Again, these are not so much “arguments” in the traditional sense, but rather “hints” or “glimpses” that must be account for. The arguments made by the above thinkers is that these pointers/signals only make sense if God is who He says He is—as revealed in Jesus Christ. I look forward to going over these again in the next few weeks!

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